Michael Nitro’s vocals and high energy rock guitar riffs are why many consider him one of the most musically entertaining acts on the music scene today. Nitro’s love of music and passion to perform come from both of his musician parents. As a teenager, he would entertain his High School mates by leaping onto the lunch tables and doing his best Elvis impression. The singer/songwriter and guitarist has come a long way since the schoolyard and has warmed the crowd for national acts from The Allman Brothers to Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, REO Speedwagon, Yngwie Malmsteen and the list goes on.

You never know who is going to show up at a Michael Nitro gig or who he will be on stage with next. In June, out of the blue, the call came in from Sammy Hagar asking Michael and his band to join him and Alice Cooper on stage for one of his upcoming television episodes.

Singing backup for Alice Cooper on
Singing backup for Alice Cooper on “Schools Out”

Then in July, Derek St. Holmes of the Ted Nugent Band after witnessing The Michael Nitro Band’s opening set, handed Michael his own guitar and invited Michael onstage to play a version of All Right Now by Free.

Derek hands Michael his guitar and invites him to come onstage to play 'All Right Now' by Free.
Derek invites Michael onstage to play “All Right Now” with the band
“I have so many amazing memories and have been incredibly fortunate to share the stage with legendary performers like Sammy Hagar, Alice Cooper, Bo Diddley and Sam Moore. I view each experience as a lesson in greatness.”

When watching the Michael Nitro Band perform, their hunger to play is apparent and their love of music is clear as they bring renewed energy to the stage every night. Michael brings the energy wherever he goes and includes everyone in the fun of every show.

“[Performing his original songs is] what his fans love him best for… rock guitar, seasoned with blues sound.” (Fast Lane Magazine).

Michael Nitro – when you need to rock.

The Michael Nitro Band’s previous recordings are available on iTunes and Michael is currently writing songs for their new release. Inspired and influenced by Led Zeppelin, Bad Company and Aerosmith, among others, his rock is reminiscent of feel good rock and roll from the 1970s with the underlying message of fun, party, and good times.